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Persian Empire PDF Print E-mail
Written by Akbar Nemati   
Persian Empire

The Empire of Darius The Great of Achaemenids, 486 BC. Iran was the only super power & she owned half of the known world of the time. The Great Persian Empire. Persian Empire, Achaemenid Dynasty, 539 - 330 BC, The Era of Cyrus The Great & Darius the Great. Cyrus I, built The Persian Empire & started the Achaemenid Dynasty's era (559 BC).

 Achaemenid Empire (559 BC - 330 BC)

Persian Empire in Bible: Bible clearly talks about The Glory of Persian Empire & The Wisdom of Persian Emperors. Bible has many stories about Cyrus the rescuer of the jews & the preacher of human rights, Darius the fair shahanshah, & Xerxes the mighty powerful Emperor of the East & his many love affairs specifically with his Navy commander, Admiral Artemisia. A portrait of Cyrus I, with the fire of Ahuramazda above his head is shown on the right side of the map.

The Many Archeological Sites of Iran, going back to 8000 years ago in Shoosh, Khoozestan at South-West of Iran. Shoosh (Susa) Civilization of 8000 years, is the oldest civilization which has been discovered so far in the world. Iran has many sites, south near Shiraz, East near Kermanshah, South-West near Shoosh, Tape Hissar at North-East, & etc. Iran's Archeological Sites goes back all the way from Shoosh (Suasa) Civilization, Vedaee Era, Median Kingdom, Achaemenid Empire, Arsacid (Ashkanid) Parthian Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, on going to the modern era. Iran's sites are from local civilizations like Shoosh (Susa) & Casia (Caspian civilization established in South-West of Caspian Sea) before The Aryan Immigration, also from Aryan Immigrants, three tribes which eventually established: The Median Civilization of North-West, West, & Central Iran, The Parthian Civilization of North Caspian Sea Shores, Semnan/Khorasan at North-East Iran, & last but not least The Persian Civilization of South & South Central. All the above combine made the Glorious Persian civilization & Empire which ruled from 559 BC (Before this time, Iran was a Kingdom). At the times, Persia owned half of the known world, & at certain times she was The Sole Super Power of it's era.

Persian Empire

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