Saturday, 24 June 2017

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“I am moved to pity, when I think of the brevity of human life, seeing that of all this host of men not one will still be alive in a hundred years' time.”
-Xerxes I (reigned 485 - 465 BC)
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articles.jpg The latest Articles about Iran and Persian Culture from Dusharm Group.
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Palace of 'Darius the Great' Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge Akbar Nemati 9744
History of Carpet Weaving in Iran (Before Safavid era) Akbar Nemati 18455
The Land of Iran Akbar Nemati 21015
Conference: The World Of Achaemenid Persia Akbar Nemati 9897
Could the Sivand dam project be a blessing in disguise? Akbar Nemati 9995
Sivand Project will Drown 174 Ancient Sites Akbar Nemati 11964
Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great at risk Akbar Nemati 10567
Sivand Dam Threatens Achaemenid Village Akbar Nemati 23725
Darius The Great's Inscription at Naqshe Rostam Akbar Nemati 12921
The Achaemenid Dynasty Akbar Nemati 15792
Major Human Rights Documents of Mankind Akbar Nemati 13420
Cyrus Cylinder (The Official Text) Akbar Nemati 14314
Persian Empire Akbar Nemati 37289
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